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Barbie – Thank you for all of your help in finding us the perfect place for our honeymoon. Thank you SO much for the generous gift card to the resort. That was very nice of you.
Felix & Stephanie
Felix & Stephanie
Hi! Aloha!! We’re here enjoying our cruise. We have nice Hawaiian weather and just want to let you know we are having fun!
Dick & Mila
Dear Nancy: We are having a wonderful time. Everything has gone so smoothly. Yesterday we saw the penguin parade at Melbourne. It was wonderful. Today we are at the Ayres Rock; its beautiful. Thanks for a wonderful tour.
See you soon
Robert, Mariah, Isabella & Darian
We had a blast… it was wonderful… We saw the Pope where he consecrated the La Segrada Familia to a Basilica… ate, ate, and ate… spoke the languages where we were and explored anywhere from the cities to their little allies. Wow, what a trip. I facebooked you, that way you can see all the pix from our trip. Thank you for the gift on the ship. That was very nice of you. We do so appreciate you and your services.
Dear Barbie, thank you for all your help with planning our wonderful honeymoon to Kauai & Maui. We had so much fun and loved the locations you picked out! We look forward to planning many more trips with you!

Randy & Becky
It was fantastic. We are still talking about it. Every part of it went so well. The locations were excellent and the kids LOVED the ship. Thanks for all the help. Beth is already starting to talk about our next one. Thanks again.
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